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Meet The Founder


I'm so excited you took the time to visit my site to get to know me a little better, so let me introduce myself. I'm Jeanine; wife, mother of 3, high school guidance counselor and the founder and owner of Just A Girl and Intimates by Just A Girl women's nightwear line. I'm a Philly native who's obsessed with my family, career, shopping and girl talk which is why I decided to start my YouTube channel titled Just A Girl Talk and have recently transitioned to live Girl Talk on my Instagram. Just A Girl Talk is based on discussing topics most women face on a daily basis or at some point of time in her life and sharing them with one another to uplift and encourage one another. 
I am very passionate about importance of self-love and self-care being taught amongst women and not feeling guilty about it. Most women that look like me don't grow up being taught the importance of self-love which then tends to have an affect on other aspects in her life and the overall self-esteem of many women. I believe all women should have the opportunity to take the time to step away from caring for others and put that energy into themselves and feel amazing while doing so.